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Karen Crockett

Child's Rights' Advocate

Over the last 20 years, I have worked within schools as a consultant, resource specialist, special education teacher, and supportive services' instructor.

Within these capacities, I have attended, written, advocated, and led hundreds of IEPs, individual education programs, and worked closely with administrators, parents, and teachers to help create educational plans that truly benefited the student. Ideally, a collaborative team develops a facilitated IEP Meeting whose members share responsibility for the meeting process.

The true process of an IEP meeting includes:
  • Building and improving strong relationships among team members

  • Exercising an efficient, guided meeting process where effective communication and reflective listening are practiced

  • Focusing the IEP content and process on the student's needs

  • Reaching true consensus

Unfortunately, an IEP does not always meet the needs of the student and often the process is disrespectful of the participants.

The Special education system in recent years has become more litigious and convoluted with the result that parents have become more confused as to what they are agreeing to when they sign off on services in their child's IEP. I recently interviewed parents that had unknowingly signed their child out of services, while believing they were being heard that their child needed more services. All in the obscurity of the IEP.

While all parents have the right to advocate for their child, schools at times offer one explanation after another without getting anywhere and just passing the child on from grade to grade. I have listened to parents that have continually asked for help for their son or daughter and have been ignored. I have interviewed parents about assessments they had requested, and yet, nothing happened.

It may surprise you, but once school districts are aware that a Child's Rights' Advocate is involved they sit up, pay attention, and things get rolling. My services assist parents on their path of advocating for their child's educational rights.

Remember, thanks to IDEA all students have the right to an appropriate education that will support their basic needs. I can help answer your questions regarding your son or daughters IEP or 504 plan. Or I can review your child's current IEP and explain what next steps need to be taken or what may be missing. If you would like me to explain special education services that are unlikely mentioned at IEP meetings or if you have general questions regarding education, I have experience at all grade levels and with all types of abilities and disabilities and would be happy to speak with you.

For a free 15 minute consultation, visit my Get Help Now! page and submit the requested information. I will then call or email you within two business days.

Karen Crockett
Child's Rights' Advocate